The Impacts of ICT in society.

Hi, I’m a student at Cardinal Allen Catholic High School and I am going to be telling you about the positive and negatives impacts in society. I will also be telling you the threats and abuse of ICT in society.

Positive and Negative impacts of ICT in Schools-
There are many positive impacts of ICT in school. At our school we are very fortunate and have many computers throughout our school. Not many schools have as many computers as we do. We have an online virtual learning environment; this allows us to access our work from home. We also have our own user area, so when we log in on any computer in the school we can access our work from it. We also have our email we can email anyone with an email account, but we cannot receive from unknown users. I think this is very good as it allows me to send homework home and when I was on holiday I could email the teachers to send me some work while I was over there. We also have many projectors which allow us to do interactive work on the smart boards; it also allows us to see work on the smart boards too.
There are a few negative impacts of ICT in schools too. Although we have our email accounts people can send horrible messages through it, even though the teachers will deal with it straight away it can still be very hurtful. As we have our virtual learning environment, some people may not have internet access at home so they might not be able to do their homework. At some schools you can access inappropriate website such as social networking site, which you shouldn’t be on in school times. At our school we have a blocking systems so we can not get on these type of websites, however some student have a way of getting around it and can still access them.

Positive and Negative impacts of ICT at Home-
If you have your own personal computer (PC) you can do you homework/work a lot easier as you can get on them without going to a library for instance. Also you can communicate with family and friends over the internet and even family and friends overseas, you can talk to them through email and on social networking sites. Another positive is that you can have easy access to finding information and research, you can just go on the internet to find out anything you need to know. Another positive is that you can work from home so it is suitable for childcare as you can work through the internet. Also disabled people can socialise without leaving the house as the can go on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype.
Some negatives are that you can get cyber bullied over social networking sites and email, also over social networking sites people can get hold of your security information and hack into your social networking sites. Many people also don’t go out anymore as all they do is talk over social networking sites. You may also get viruses
on your personal computer; you can get viruses by just going on to your emails and Facebook. You might not even know you have them until they start affecting your computer. These viruses can also collect personal information such as banking details, which then may be used fraudulently. A negative is that some people don’t have the skills to use computers and the internet. Another negative is that some people can afford the internet so they can’t access homework, social networking sites etc. Also if people cant afford the internet they wont be able to access their banking services, as most bank details are all online now.

Positive and Negative impacts of ICT in Economy-
A positive of economy in ICT is that you can access it twenty for hours a day and don’t have to wait till the shops open so you can purchase what you would like. Another positive of economy in ICT is that if you shop online is that you don’t have to go with anyone and you don’t have to take your children. A positive is that there are more jobs such as programming apps and designing websites.
However, there are also less jobs as people are losing their jobs because of the shops online. A negative is that it takes time for the items to come for instance you bought food you might need them for there and then. However, they won’t come till the next day. Another negative is that some shops are losing staff as shops are losing business from shops online.

Positive and Negative impacts of ICT in Communication-
A positive of communication in ICT is that you can speak to relatives overseas on email and social networking sites such as Facebook and Skype. But if you send email to someone overseas it might take a little bit of time for them to receive it.
A negative of communication in ICT is on social networking sites many people bully on them, they do it through them as they don’t want to do it face-to-face. Another negative is that people aren’t spending time together and they are just doing it through the internet.

Positive and Negative impacts of ICT in Ethical situations-
A positive of ethical in ICT is that CCTV is always watching you, this can prevent crime from happening however, this can also be a negative as people might rebel against this as they might not like the fact of them always being watched. Another positive is that some technology is keeping people alive such as Steven Hawkins.
A negative is that some people can track the websites you have been on; this is a negative as if you have been on your online banking they can get hold of all your banking details etc.

Abuse and Threats of ICT in Society-
There are many dangers on the internet these include; Cyber-Bullying, Viruses, Paedophiles and Fraud. Many people get cyber-bullied and it is horrible, people cyber bully so they don’t have to do it in person they hide behind a computer screen. People also do it so the person doesn’t know who is doing it. People are becoming very clever now; they are learning how to put viruses on your computer. There are many different types of viruses nowadays; Trojan horse, Worms, boot sector virus, Macro virus and many more. Viruses can hack onto your computer and get out all your information such as bank details (fraud), and personal information. Paedophiles they go on social networking sites to talk to young vulnerable children, they talk to children to try and get them to meet up with them and they also try and get photographs of them too. There is also illegal downloading this is when people download film, music etc., but you are not allowed. If you download illegal music the artist isn’t getting the money for it. The DATA protection act is when firms have your information but if somebody asks for it they are not allowed to give people your information out.


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